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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Colchester is a map that is always worth the trip.  It's only small but it punches above its weight for route choice, and the hill in the northeast adds a bit of bite as well.  Peter's course had several feasible choices for the first control, and the decisions came thick and fast after that. Although lower scoring, the west side had plenty of controls close together, so was good value.  Down south the spread was wider, and the if you went east, the contours came into play.

Most people on A course got the lot, but how they went about it varied hugely.  Simon claimed the 100 points, in a series where no-one is able to dominate.  Ted, Bryan, Andrew and Ian were the next fastest.  The quicks on B course also cleaned up, which is very unusual.  Tim made it back by a hairs breadth in front of Nick, who was followed by Ian, Bruce and Jay.  On PW, Tony also had a clean sweep, with Mark, Michael, Dave and Lauris not quite able to match him.

Only five scoring opportunities left ... no change on A1 for Ian, still 2 points ahead of Steven, who is two points ahead of Paul.  Behind them, Geoff and Colin are tied for fourth, and we are still waiting to see where Tim slots in after he completes one more event.  Similarly on A2 there was no change at the top for Rick, Martin or David, though Andrew is sure to cause an upset next week, and Alicia and Hugh will also be vying for places soon. On A3, Roger regained his lead over Ray, but its only a two point margin, with Stuart holding down third.

Tim still leads B1, while Ian moved to second ahead of Bruce in third.  If Nick wins next week, he'll be neck and neck with Tim, and the last few weeks will be fascinating.  I'm still leading B2 for now, with Pete second and Greg third, but Jonathan is one good result away from knocking us all down a place.  It looks all over on B3 where Libby has a huge lead over the rest of the field.

On PW1, Tony earned his 6th consecutive win, and will shoot to the top next week, ahead of current leaders Dave, Mark and Helen. On B2, everyone made way for Barry who took the lead from Richard and Bernie; Lyn and Michael look set to snatch the placings next week.  The unstoppable Noel is out in front on PW3 with Mike and Gwennyth retaining their places, and the others have their work cut out for them now.  No change on PW4 for Suzanne, Keith and Marc.

See you next week at the aptly named Hilly Heidelberg.

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