Information for members and others about the administration and operations of Orienteering Victoria.

For information on how to organise an event, go to the Organisers' Toolkit.

Orienteering Victoria is the operational name used by the Victorian Orienteering Association (the "VOA").  The VOA is incorporated in Victoria as registered association A0001254U.  It is also registered for GST purposes with ABN 85 554 483 914.


    How to join Orienteering Victoria


    How to contact the Orienteering Victoria Office, Board, Subcommittees, series Co-ordinators and other officials

    How to contact your local Club

    Future Meeting Dates


    2017 Board meetings currently proposed:

    The November board meeting will be held on Wednesday 22nd at 12 Thames Street Northcote.

    The December Board meeting date is yet to be determined.


    2017 Council meetings currently proposed:

    PLEASE NOTE change of date 

    The October council meeting will be held Friday October 27th at ORC starting at 7pm


    2018 Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday May 25th starting at 7pm.

    Digital Projector

    The Dandenong Ranges OC projector is available for other clubs to borrow for meetings or training nights.  It is a high quality data projector capable of displaying reasonable quality video.  The BENQ MP721 has a native resolution of 1024*768 (4:3 format) but will also display in 16:9 and up to 1280*1024.  It is not HD quality but does (now) have a HDMI input.  It comes with a short power cable and two short (1m) cables for connection to a PC or laptop (either VGA or HDMI).  The projector can also be used to display results screens from the OV SI system laptops if 240v power is available and light conditions permit.  Additional and/or longer length connecting cables are available for loan (from Ian Dodd's personal collection) upon request.  Like all projectors it must not be switched off at the mains power until it has cooled down, beeped and turned its internal fan off.

    To book the projector or for advice on operation, please contact Ian Dodd on 0419 316 8430419 316 843 or email

    Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Papers

    Current and recent meeting documentation is available here.

    Other meeting minutes are available from your Club Secretary or the Orienteering Victoria Secretary.

    Some old minutes are also archived here.

    OVic Magazine

    OVic magazine has now ceased publication.  Thanks to the many editors who produced the magazine since its inception in the 1970s.  The role of the magazine has now largely been taken over by electronic communications with members.  The Australian Orienteer magazine continues to be published with quality articles on all aspects of Australian orienteering.

    Strategic Plan and Policies

    The operation of Orienteering Victoria and Orienteering Victoria sanctioned events is described in the following documents: