Information for Contributors to this Site

It is easy to contribute to this site. We are using the SocialFX platform to host this site. You don't need to know any HTML and anyone can do it.  All you need is a login from the site administrator.

SocialFX is user friendly allowing you to publish content online that is widely accessible and readable in many different web browsers.

Adding to the site is very simple. You can use our editing tools within your web browser.

You can add blog entries, events, and news articles with photos, video, or sounds.

You can invite other people to join the site as members, authors, or editors/administrators. Authors can add content like news articles and events themselves. Editors can maintain pages and also review submitted articles before they are published.

The beauty of this is that the site administrator is no longer the bottleneck in getting things published. You can have a large number of authors and a few editors reviewing submitted content and permitting it to be published. By sharing the workload the amount and quality of content improves out of sight.

Everything you need to maintain your site is accessible using a web browser so anyone can do it anywhere that they have an internet connection.

Submitting a News Item 

Any user with "Author" access can submit a news item. All items will appear on the news page. If you want your news items to appear on the front page add "OV" in the Tags field.  Important news items can be marked as the "lead story" and appear in full on the front page as the feature article.

A user with "Review" access will approve the story and publish it.

News items specific to certain sub-groups can be marked with keywords in the Tag field so that they appear in the news items on those sub-pages. Please use tags

  • "mtbo" for MTB Orienteering news,
  • "street" for Park/Street news 
  • "junior" for Junior Squad news,
  • "nuggets" for Victoria Nuggets news,
  • "adventure" for Adventure Series/Du-O news,
  • "bk" for Bayside Kangaroos Club News,
  • "western" for the Tuesday Western Series,
  • "eastern" for the Eastern Series, 
  • "southern" for the Southern Series,
  • "northern" for the Thursday Northern Series,
  • "saturday" for Saturday Series
  • "sunday" for Sunday Special Series
  • "wyndham" or "Thursday" for the Thursday Western/Wyndham Series
  • "geelong" for Geelong Series,
  • "ne" for Nillumbik Emus Club News or 
  • "tk" for Tuckonie Club News

If you would like to learn how to submit a news item, please click here.

(For advanced users) How to insert an image with a caption:
  1. Insert image on a new line
  2. Select image (by clicking on it) and use the right arrow key to move to the right of the image
  3. Apply desired style to the paragraph from panel on right by clicking on the style name
  4. Press Shift-Enter to create a new line
  5. Type in your caption
You can put captions above the image by using the left arrow key, typing caption and then pressing Shift-Enter.

The principle is that you have a paragraph that contains an image. The style gets applied to the paragraph.

You need to use Shift-Enter because that inserts a soft-break just like in Word. This is so that the caption ends up within the same para as the image so there is no gap in the background colour.

As a guide, photos should be no more than 300 pixels wide, and less than 80KB in size.

Promoting a Feature Event

From the Events page, click "Add Event".  This will add your event to the Coming Major Events list and allow you to add details, entry forms, photos, logos, web links and anything else you wish to attract people to enter your event.

If you send your event logo to the Site Administrator, it can also feature on the front page of the site.

Other Page Content

Users with "Site Administrator" access can edit all other aspects of pages. Again this is all done with a user friendly interface without having to use any HTML code.


The SocialFX help site provides a guide for editing the site.