Entering pre-entry orienteering events in Australia

Orienteering Australia has introduced a new on-line entry system, known as Eventor.  The system is now operational, including the payment of your entry fees using PayPal.

To Enter

1.       Go to http://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/

2.       Log in to Eventor.  If you haven’t got an Eventor account with Orienteering Australia, you will need one.  If you do have an account, login and go to step 5

3.       Click on “Register me”

4.       Complete the details required to immediately obtain an account (a two minute job!).  You will need to separately register each person for whom you wish to enter an event

5.       Click on “event calendar” on the left hand side

6.       Click on the month of the event you wish to enter in the list of months in brown

7.       Scroll down or filter until you find the event you want.

8.       Click on “Enter” (top right)

(a)   Select the class you wish to enter,

(b)  (for a multi day event) select the days you wish to enter, and

(c)   insert your Sportident number. 

(d) If you wish to hire a Sportident stick ($3 per person per event/day), or receive an OV membership or junior discount, click on “order services” which gives you a drop down list of available services from which you may select.  Your entry fee will be adjusted accordingly.

9.   Click “Next” to confirm your entry and proceed to payment OR click “Enter / Cancel entry for another member” to enter other members of your family or group

10.   Payment is available using PayPal or POLI.