Performance Analysis

Event organisers at State Series level and above are encouraged to publish result formats that allow further analysis in addition to the official results.  Organisers should aim to publish these within one day of the event completion while there is still interest from the competitors.


Victorian State Series results are published here.

Split Times

Split times for each course should also be published when SportIdent is used.  WinSplits allows graphical representation of this information to be displayed clearly.  Links can be found at the event results page.

Route Gadget

Described as a "Web utility for drawing and comparing orienteering routes". During the last couple of years, most major Finnish orienteering events have offered an online utility for competitors to draw and compare their routes. RouteGadget not only shows the routes, but when linked with e-punch results, it allows the race to be replayed, even simulating a mass start. You will actually see little squares run across the map. It really adds another dimension to post-race analysis.

Jarkko Ryyppö is the developer of the Gadget and offers it for free for non-commercial use. Visit for more details.

Bendigo Orienteers host a Route Gadget site with the latest route analysis of Victorian Events

Organisers of State Series event level and above can make this information available by uploading:

  • the map file in .jpg or .bmp format
  • course information extracted from Condes in IOF XML format
  • SportIdent split time information

Neil Barr or Bruce Arthur can assist with this by logging on to the Route Gadget Manager site.  A useful user guide has been written by Paul Frost, Route Gadget UK.

GPS Tracking

Orienteering Victoria has purchased a set of GPS units and Heart Rate Monitors for performance analysis and coaching purposes.  These are available for use by any orienteers at events, although it is preferable for several units to be used on the same course so that comparisons can be made between orienteers. 

Conditions of use include:

  • liability for loss or damage of units
  • permission to publish performance analysis data for review by interested orienteers

Reservations can be made prior to events by contacting Bruce Arthur. 

GPS tracking data

OTrack Simulation Software by Rex Saye (now links directly with Garmin Forerunner 305)

Sample GPS tracks

Date Event GPS Routes Player (zipped)
11/10/2008 SA Sprint Champs - Cantara Dunes   2008 SA Sprint
27/9/2008 Australian Champs - Long Distance, Maryborough   2008 Aus Long
21/9/2008 Qld Champs - Long Distance, Maryborough   2008 Qld Long
18/5/2008 NOL 12 - Long Distance, Mt Pearson
17/5/2008 NOL 11 - Middle Distance, Littlechilds Creek
17/5/2008 NOL 10 - Sprint Distance, Littlechilds Creek
13/4/2008 Hagaby - Irishtown Leon Keely
Jim Russell
2008 Hagaby
30/3/2008 NOL 9 - Mass Start Long, Sparrow Hill ACT Bruce Arthur
29/3/2008 NOL 8 - Galaxy Mixed Relay, Radford College ACT Bruce Arthur Leg 2

Leg 4

29/3/2008 NOL 7 - ASC Galaxy Sprint, Canberra Uni Bruce Arthur
Chris Naunton
24/3/2008 2008 Australian 3 Day Championships, Day 3 Relay Distance & NOL 6 Rob Preston
Bruce Arthur
Chris Naunton
David Meyer
Steve Todkill
Day 3
23/3/2008 2008 Australian 3 Day Championships, Day 2 Long Distance & NOL 5 Rob Preston
Bruce Arthur
Chris Naunton
David Meyer
Steve Todkill
Day 2
22/3/2008 2008 Australian 3 Day Championships, Day 1 Middle Distance & NOL 4 Rob Preston
Bruce Arthur
Chris Naunton
David Meyer
Chris Naunton
Day 1
21/3/2008 2008 Australian 3 Day Championships, Prologue Sprint Distance & NOL 3 Rob Preston
Bruce Arthur
Chris Naunton
David Meyer
Chris Naunton
24/2/2008 Bendigo ToDay Hagaby race Rob Preston
Bruce Arthur
Adam Scammell
Simon Goddard
Christopher Naunton

Attack Point

Several well known Victorian orienteers log their training and competition runs on the online orienteering training forum, AttackPoint.