Three in a row for Victorian Women

Friday, 14 October 2011

Kathryn Ewels

The Victorian Nuggets Women’s National League Team has taken out the SILVA National League for the third year in a row.

The team completed in races through Australia including ACT, WA, TAS, VIC and NSW throughout the year. In total 17 races that were contested for the title.

Victorian team took an early lead in the season and won by a margin of 24 points over the Canberra Cockatoos. 

The Victorian team consisted Kathryn Ewels (CHOC), Natasha Key (MFR), Jasmine Neve (MFR), Aislinn Prendergast (EU), Clare Hawthorn (MFR), Ilka Barr (MFR), Thorlene Egerton (BK), Kirsten Fairfax (MFR), Rebekah Sunley (TK) and Jasmine Sunley (TK).

In the National Orienteering Series for individuals, Kathryn Ewels finished 2nd, Jasmine Neve 3rd, Aislinn Prendergast 5th, Bruce Arthur 5th and Evan Barr 6th.  Max Neve was 5th in the Junior Elite series.

Kathryn Ewels & Bruce Arthur

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Victoria's Elite Orienteering Team

The Nuggets are Victoria's elite orienteering team that competes in the SILVA National Orienteering League

The SILVA National Orienteering League is Australia's premier orienteering competition. The League is primarily a teams competition: each state fields teams of at least 3 women and 3 men in 4 series of races per year (a total of 14-18 races). In addition, there is a points competition for individual glory.

The list of races is available. The schedule includes links to event websites and event results.

The Victoria Nuggets compete in the SILVA National Orienteering League teams competition. To be eligible to represent Victoria you must wear a team uniform top and be a member of Orienteering Victoria.  As a member of the Victoria Nuggets team you will receive funding to travel to interstate SILVA National Orienteeing League events, a uniform subsidy, access to team coaches and regular information from the team manager on team competitions, training and travel.



2010 Team

2009 Team - New Uniforms, New Sponsors, New Goals!

Victoria Nuggets 2009. Back: Tash, David, Evan, Chris, Jim (coach), Warren, Blair. 
Front: Todd, Kathryn, Max, Mary, Bruce (manager), Aislinn, Jasmine

History of the Victoria Nuggets

Victoria Nuggets dominate 2007 National Orienteering League

2007 Victoria Nuggets Report

Final 2007 standings in the Senior and Junior divisions are now available.


The Victorian Nuggets have won three of the four divisions of the 2007 National Orienteering League.


This is Victoria's second ever National Orienteering League win, after taking out the overall champion team title for the first time in 2003.


Without any superstars, the Nuggets depth and consistency over the 15 rounds proved too good for other states to match.


The Nuggets won the Senior Men’s National League with 127 points from the NSW Stingers on 122,

the Senior Women’s with 129 points from the Southern Arrows on 108, and the Junior Men’s with 81 from the Tassie Foresters on 71.  The Queensland Cyclones won the Junior Women’s title with 81 points from the Victorian Nuggets 62.


Reigning champions, and twelve time winners, the Canberra Cockatoos, finished last in both senior divisions.


Nuggets Numbers

Upon scoring their first NOL point, team members are allocated a Nuggets number. Natasha Key scored the first number in 1994, and Julie Lawford is latest addition at #56. Nuggets members are now recognised for significant milestones for NOL races and points accumulated.

Number Last Name First Name Debut (First NOL Points)
1 Key Natasha 1994-1
2 Key Warren 1994-1
3 Wymer Eddie 1994-1
4 McCrae Jason 1994-1
5 Jackson Carolyn 1994-1
6 Plowright Rob 1994-1
7 Russell Jim 1994-1
8 King Susannah 1994-1
9 Viner Emily 1994-4
10 Campbell Elsie 1994-5
11 Trewin Blair 1995-1
12 Graham Bruce 1995-1
13 Liggins Paul 1996-1
14 Staudte Karen 1996-2
15 Whittington John 1996-2
16 de Haas Troy 1996-5
17 Meeking Darren 1996-5
18 Campbell Sarah 1996-5
19 Hawthorne Clare 1997-1
20 Prime Emma 1997-1
21 Randall Alex 1998-1
22 Searle Kerryn 1998-1
23 Ewels Kathryn 1998-2
24 Colls David 1998-2
25 Jones Andrew 1998-6
26 Fairfax Kirsten 2000-1
27 Thompson Clemmie 2000-4
28 Barr Ilka 2001-1
29 Neve Mace 2001-2
30 Jackson Adrian 2002-1
31 Goddard Simon 2002-1
32 Neve Jasmine 2002-1
33 Lada Hania 2002-1
34 Prendergast Lian 2002-1
35 Schepisi Matthew 2002-2
36 Winslow Danielle 2003-1
37 Arthur Bruce 2003-1
38 Lebbink Hayden 2003-1
39 Fell Stuart 2003-3
40 Naunton Christopher 2003-SC2
41 Goddard Moira 2004-3
42 Dowling Anitra 2004-SC1
43 Dalheim Nicola 2004-SC3
44 Olsen Rune 2005-1
45 Mulnar Robert 2005-5
46 Brownridge David 2005-11
47 Scammell Adam 2005-11
48 Fell Rob 2005-12
49 Brownridge Clare 2005-12
50 Watne Torgeir 2006-01
51 Barr Evan 2006-01
52 Keely Bryan 2006-02
53 Czajkowski Piotr 2006-05
54 Fairfax Louise 2006-05
55 Keech Dion 2006-05
56 Lawford Julie 2006-14
57 Prendergast Aislinn 2007-08
58 Keely Leon 2007-08
59 Dodd Ian 2007-08
60 Lawford Geoff 2007-12
61 Radford Zoe 2008-2
62 Ewels Jane 2008-2
63 Barker Sophie 2008-3
64 Fairfax Yelena 2008-5
65 Dodd Aaron 2008-6
66 Neve Max 2008-7
67 Sunley Jasmine 2008-7