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Victorian MTBO Champs wraps up

Sunday, 16 November 2014


The Victorian MTBO Championships series wrapped up on the weekend of 8/9 November.  Four clubs combined to put on four great events over two weekends, which enticed a group of Kiwis here plus some interstaters as well.

The Sprint champs were held on the very complex Bristol Hill in Maryborough.  Blake Gordon and Eureka orienteers had us carefully navigating our way around the myriad of tracks, with many of us coming unstuck no matter how well you thought you were keeping in contact. The day alternated between being just cold, then rapidly becoming cold and wet, making clothing choices an added challenge!

Rob and Helen Edmonds organised and set an enjoyable Ultra Long event, also in Maryborough, the following day.  We were puzzling over what order to get the controls, and alot of care was needed to find your way around this tricky area.  Even though we had all ridden here before, the scatter format and  different scale made for new challenges.  Although a 3 hour event, a large percentage of people managed to get all the controls in under the time, with the winner taking just over 2 hours.

The following weekend took us to the Beechworth.  AW produced a new map 'Eldorado' for the Middle distance champs. Unfortunately for many of us, a sudden heat wave had us battling our way around the challenging area.  Great courses by Leigh Privett, who took us in and out of several open areas that required very close map contact. Historic Eldorado was a lovely venue, but just happens to be one of the hottest places in Victoria!

The last event was the Long distance champs held in Stanley, a map previously used for the Oceania champs in 2011. The heat abated a little, but it was still a tough day out.  Carolyn Jackson set the courses, and made sure the winning times really would be worthy of a Long, although not everyone appreciated this!  Plenty of route choice, and BK and AW combined to put on their usual high quality event.

There is an album of photos from last weekend taken Bill Vandendool and Carolyn Cusworth on our Facebook page here.

Full results and splits are now posted on the VicMTBO results page.

MTBO events this Summer

Next up are the Summer 75 events around Melbourne in January, February and March, plus a DuO event in March.
24-Jan-15: Summer 75 MTBO #1 – Westerfolds Park
07-Feb-15: Summer 75 MTBO #2 – Plenty South
21-Feb-15: Summer 75 MTBO #3 – Lysterfield
01-Mar-15: Dandy DuO at Emerald
07-Mar-15: Summer 75 MTBO #4 – Panton Hill

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