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Carolyn Jackson Triple Masters World Champion

Sunday, 31 August 2014

The highlight of the last two days of the MTBO World Championships undoubtedly was the trifecta of gold medals won in the W50 Masters by Carolyn Jackson.   Given that there were several ex elite riders from other countries in her category, this was no soft result.  Even more impressively Carolyn had performed the same feat in the 2013 Worlds, thus making it 6 titles from 6 events.  Fellow Victorian Peter Cusworth also did well, bringing home two bronze medals.

 Another Victorian Angus Robinson continued his excellent World Championship with 17th in the long Jwoc mtbo championship giving him three top 20 results in the individual events.  Karl Withers came through with his best result to date, while Tim Jackson was down further than he would have liked.

The win of super fit Russian Anton Foliforov was no surprise in the men’s elite and Russia also took first & second places in the women’s elite.


JWOC Women

1          94.13   Saarela Ruska              Finland

2          98.55   Henna Saarinen          Finland

3          101.32 Veronika Kubinova      Czech Rep

WOC Women

1          108.57 Olga Vinogradova       Russia

2          109.17 Svetlana Poverina       Russia

3          112.10 Camilla Sogaard         Denmark


1          88.34   Andreas Waldmann    Austria

2          95.21   Andrers Blomster        Finland

3          95.37   Vladislav Kiselev         Russia

5          97.18   Tim Reynolds              New Zealand

17        104.25 Angus Robinson

32        111.24 Karl Withers

41        122.10 Tim Jackson


1          110.18 Anton Foliforov           Russia

2          112.02 Baptiste Fuchs             France

3          112.22 Jiri Hradil                    Czech Rep

36        129.54 Alex Randall

40        132.22 Chris Firman


W40     3          Marquita Gelderman (NZ)

W50     1          Carolyn Jackson

M50    32         Piotr Czajowski            35  Tony Howes

M60     2         Rob Garden (NZ)          3    Peter Cusworth     

M70     11       Barry Huntington

 The Australian team had a horror last day in the relays with 3 riders mispunching, resulting in both the junior and elite teams being DNF’ed.   The fine ride by Karl Withers was the only highlight.    

The very experienced Estonian men’s team had a victory in the men’s elite ahead of Finland & France.

Although Finland were hot favourites for the women’s crown, the Russian team came in first (by a mere 19 seconds), with both Finnish teams finishing next, with the 4th finisher the Czech Republic then being elevated to the bronze, as only the first team from each nation can count.

Elite Men
1. Estonia        2:20:04         (Lauri Malsroos 48:02, Margus Hallik 47:05, Tonis Erm 44:57);
2. Finland        2 :21:51         (Tuomo Lahtinen 48:04, Samuli Saarela 46:59, Juuso Jutila 46:48);
3. France         2:22:22          (Babtiste Fuchs 47:16, Clement Souvray 49:07, Cedric Beill 45:59).

Chris Firman MP (about 57 mins); Alex Randall  56.15  Carolyn Jackson  68.39

 Elite women

1. Russia          2:15:09            Tatiana Repina 49:40, Olga Vinogradova 43:53, Svetlana Poverina 41:36);
2. Finland 1     2.15.28             (Eeva-Lisa Hakala 49:40, Susanna Laurila 41:49, Marika Hara 41:51);
     Finland 2    2:17:35     (Marja Penttila 51:10, Ingrid Stengard 42:29, Antonia Haga 43:56)

                                               - not counted, 2nd team

3   Czech Republic 2:17:45      ( Nadezda Skacelova 49:47, Martina Tuchovska 42;34, Renata Paulickova 45:24).



Men         1 Russia,                  2 France,      3 Lithuania     

Women:  1  Czech Republic,  2 Lithuania,  3  Finland

Angus Robinson MP, Tim Jackson MP, Karl Withers 45.15

unior men                                         Junior Womenmen1        Russia       2.06.03                   1  Czech Republic   1.55.272        France      2.06.57                      2  Lithuania             2.01.203        Lithuania  2.12.09                     3   Finland                 2.06.22Angus Robinson MP (48+ mins); Tim Jackson MP (48+ mins), Karl Withers 45.52 

World Cup 2014 Provisional results.

On the top rung of the ladder at the end of an exciting World Cup season are Emily Benham, Great Britain and Anton Foliforov, Russia.   The World Championships individual races held this week counted towards overall World Cup scores for the season; with the first two rounds being in Denmark and Sweden earlier in the year. For Emily the second round, where she had three wins, was decisive. Anton Foliforov enjoyed a consistently good season and he finished with a big lead over fellow Russian Ruslan Gritsan.


300   Anton Foliforov             Russia

223   Ruslan Gritsan                Russia
211   Jiri Hradil                       Czech Rep
210   Lauri Malsroos               Estonia
209   Hans Jørgen Kvåle         Norway
201   Pekka Niemi                   Finland

 Women Elite

280   Emily Benham                GreatBritain

265   Marika Hara                  Finland
211   Svetlana Poverina          Russia
208   Martina Tichovska         Czech Republic
203   Olga Vinogradova          Russia
198   Ingrid Stengard             Finland





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