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2014 Oceania / Australian Championships - Big Victorian Wins

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Victorians help Australia Win the AUS/NZL MTBO Challenge for the 2nd time since 2003


When Australia first raced New Zealand riders in the 1st MTBO Challenge in Daylesford, the Aussies came away with a 4 - 0 win. But since then the AUS/NZL Challenge (now called Oceania) scales have been tipped firmly across the Tasman. In 2005 (NZL 6 - AUS 1), 2007 (NZL 11 - AUS 10), 2009 (NZL 13 - AUS 8), 2012 (NZL 14 - AUS 10), Jan 2014 (NZL 14 - AUS 8) - until June 2014 in Alice Springs (AUS 17 - NZL 7) Australia claimed the banner for only the second time!

Congratulations to the 10 Victorian members of the AUS/NZL Challenge team (Alex, Carolyn, Bruce, Peter, Rick, Keith, Blake, Heather, Prue, Dale) and the 15 Victorians who helped Victoria retain the Orienteering Australia State Plaque for the 15th (in the 17 Australian Championships since 1998) time: 1st VIC Nuggets 139; 2nd NSW Stingers 86; 3rd QLD Storm 47; 4th ACT Cockatoos 15; 5th SA Arrows 12; 6th WA Nomads 10; 7th TAS Foresters 5. Particular praise should go to juniors Harrison Keeble, and Australian JMTWOC members Angus Robinson and Tim Jackson who scored 36 points between them to insure the Victorian win.

With the three races in Round 2 of the 2014 National MTBO Series completed in Alice Springs, several Victorians lead their individual classes going into the final Round 3 in Margaret River WA in October. Harrison Keeble (M-14), Angus Robinson (M-20), Alex Randall (M21), Carolyn Jackson (W21), Kathy Liley (W60), Peter Cusworth (M60), and Dale Ann Gordon (W70) hold 1st in their respective classes. In the top five in their classes - Tim Jackson (M-20), Bruce Paterson (M50), Bill Vandendool (M50), Heather Leslie (W50), Prue Dobbin (W50), Rick Armstrong (M60), Leigh Privett (M60), Carolyn Cusworth (W60), Keith Wade (M70), Blake Gordon (M70), Jenny (W70) and John Sheahan (M70).

With the team standings the closest in the history of the Elite (Vic 1st 95, 2nd QLD 64 and 3rd WA  57) and Masters Divisions (Vic 1st 195, 2nd QLD 192 and 3rd NSW 137) after Round 2, it all comes down to Round 3 in WA. Victoria needs another good team of 25 or more to go, ride and help Victoria takeout the team titles in 2014. In 2015 the Australian MTBO Championships return to Victoria - Anglesea - with John Gavens and Heather Leslie the prime movers. So let’s close out 2014 on a positive note in WA. Check the WA website for entry details.

Blake Gordon, National MTBO Statistician

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