Park and Street Orienteering

More Fun Than the Same Old Run

Bored with running the same old block? Tired of trudging on the treadmill? Looking for a new way to give your brain and body a boost? Want to see new places and meet new faces?

Park and Street Orienteering provides the perfect combination of mental and physical exercise. You do not need a compass or any special map reading ability. However, it will test your thinking while giving you a great workout in a friendly, safe, outdoor environment.   Events are held all over Melbourne, all year round.

Our events welcome people of all ages and abilities, and accommodate everyone from the elite sports person to those looking for a good walk to help stay in shape.

Families and friends can participate in groups or individually.  Groups such as schools, scouts, sports or social clubs are very welcome - but please contact us at least a week prior to the event, so we can make sure enough maps are printed.

Printed programs covering all of Melbourne are available at most events. Further information is also available on this website: Want to learn more? Click here

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Friday, 3 July 2015

The final Autumn Classic event was a great course by David - the high points were within reasonably easy reach of most people, but it was the 2 and 3 pointers that really made you think.  

While in some divisions the results were already settled, in others, it was down to the wire - and there was no closer result than that for A1.  Simon has led this category nearly all season, and has been in top form, but Andrew was gaining momentum each week.  The final result camed down to a head to head race, and Andrew's victory meant a tie for the overall win!  So fittingly, both will share the honour.  Alex's fourth on the night was enough to give him third overall.  Bruce increased his lead on A2 for a comfortable victory, while it was close between Chris and Rick for the placings. Peter B won A3 as predicted, and Ken managed to hold a small advantage over Ray in the battle for places.   Eric, Margi and Suzanne topped A4.  

It was great to see the B course being hotly contested this year.  We've kept a close eye on B1 where Tim had the early form, but Ian overtook him in the closing stages, and won by 2 points.  Steven showed his good form by taking his first win, and placing third overall.  Jay, Peter K and Dennis did the honours on B2, and Vaughan, me and Pete were the top three on B3.  

Mark H was the only person with a perfect 8 wins for the season, taking out PW1 very comfortably.  It was the fascinating chopping and changing behind him that continued all series, finally settling with Tony second and Len third, only 2 points clear of Lauris.  PW2 was settled a couple of weeks ago with Robert, Helen and Lyn the placegetters.  Meanwhile on PW3 and PW4, it was a tossup between Kay and Dale as to who had the biggest winning margins - both of them have well and truly earned a promotion for Spring.  Gwennyth and Christine took the placings on PW3, and Malcolm and Mike did the same on PW4.

I always like to make particular mention of those who come to every event in a series - this time it was Simon, Roger, Geoff, Ian, Steven, Pete, Mark, Bernie S, and Gwennyth all notching up a full complement of 15 events. Many others got to 12, 13 or 14 events.  Well done - a great effort at this time of year!

Next Wednesday is the first Spring Carnival event, at Rowville Lakes.  We'll hold the presentations for both Monday and Wednesday, immediately after the event finishes, so please stay around for that.  See you there!
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