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Welcome to the Monday Series - Park and Street orienteering in Melbourne's south in summer and Monday 37s in winter.

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Middle Brighton

Thursday, 18 December 2014

This map has one of the more unusual street layouts, with its series of half moon curves. It's very easy to lose track of where you are. Murray set an excellent course which really had us thinking, with an inner cluster of controls offering a plethora of choices about how to clean them up, then the outliers posing a different problem.

The first three A course runners were Andrew H, Bryan, and Andrew B. On B, Jay took the win from Stephen and Christine.  Ian beat Reg and Greg on C, and newcomers Amanda and Finn, along with not so new Pete, took the placings on D.  Helen gained the one extra point needed to win PW, from Michael, Sandy and Barry.

Overall results have been split into divisions so here's the summary:

A1 - Rick is holding off Andrew H and Andrew B. Andrew H has a perfect score, but is one event behind. A2 - Dave is ahead of Roger and Paul.  A3 - a close competition with Mark J only 3 points clear of Mark B and Ian, who are tied. 

B1 - a family affair with Bill, Tim J and Carolyn holding the placings, and Tim H on a 100 point average.  B2 - Ray, Robert and Dale are the top three. B3 - Geoff, Ian and Peter have the places. 

C1 - Ian is so far in front that I'm calling the result now; Janet and Jenny are second and third.  C2 - Greg holds the lead from Pierre and Henk.  D - if it weren't for Tony's perfect average, this would be a close three way competition between Pete, myself and John.

PW1 - Annie is out in front of Michael and Helen.  PW2 - Ilze, Gwennyth, and Bernie S hold the top spots. PW3 - Christine, Adam and Ian S are the leaders. PW4 - Kevin leads Kelly and the Newburys. It's also worth noting that 50 people have completed at least 6 of the 9 events - a very loyal following indeed.

Stay tuned to see how things progress!  Next week's event is at Waverley Parklands.

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Monday Night Series

About this series:

Where: Southern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne

When: 7:00pm Mondays; all year round

Cost:  $4 per event for adults, $2 for juniors (under 21)

What to bring: jogging/walking shoes and comfortable, light coloured clothing.  Bring a watch, a drink, and a torch for winter events (late March-mid October).

Please arrive 20-30 minutes early. This will provide time to help you register for the event and explain how to take part.

Groups (schools, scouts, sports or social) are extremely welcome, but please contact us at least a week prior to the event so we can ensure enough maps are printed. 

In summer (October-March), there are 4 runners courses ranging from 3.5-10 km, and a 60 minute power walkers' course.  For runners the format is Scatter (visit a designated number of controls in any order, first back wins), and for power walkers the format is Score format (visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time).

Enquiries: tel 9872 5710 (Annie)

In winter (March-October), there are 25 controls marked on the map.  Choose one of two formats - a 60 minute Score course (visit as many controls as you can in the allocated time, aiming to score as many points as possible), or a "37s" course, where you are allocated a handicap as your starting score, then you aim to visit enough controls to bring your points score to 37. 

Enquiries: (Simon)

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