Orienteering Services for the general public

Corporate Services - see below

Permanent Orienteering Courses

Orienteering Victoria, through its affiliated clubs, has established permanent courses in park and bush areas in and around Melbourne.

These courses, combined with high quality maps of each area, enable you to experience orienteering without having to set out any controls - that work has been done for you!

The courses are available to the general public, school groups and any organisation.

Maintenance and damage

The courses are maintained by club members.

In some areas the posts are vulnerable to vandalism and damage. Every effort is made to maintain the posts in good order.You can assist by reporting any damage to Orienteering Victoria 0428 358 588.

Can I get a copy of the Answer Codes?

Answer codes are available from Orienteering Victoria 0428 358 588 or voa@netspace.net.au.

How do I purchase a map?

All maps are available through the "Orienteering Service of Australia" (an on-line business).  Order online at www.osoa.com.au or ring - 9714 8540 / 0419 577 514  

When ordering on-line select "Map Only Postage" when in Checkout. This will limit postage to $1.40.

Do not contact the Park Rangers about the courses.  However, if your group exceeds 100 people, then let the Ranger know you will be in the park.

Where are the permanent courses?

Choose your Park, click and find out more information.



Other orienteering services for the general public

Orienteering offers wonderful opportunities for groups of people looking for outdoor activities that require both physical and mental effort. While orienteering is competitive for some, most people take it at their own pace - preferring to enjoy the experience as they work out how to progress around the course set for them.

Orienteering is an ideal activity:

  • for corporate team building exercises.  Many companies have successfully used our services in conjunction with  a nearby conference or training course.
  • for youth groups.  Several Melbourne schools take part in the Inter-Schools orienteering activities available all year round.  Orienteering is an ideal activity for school sport.  For information about the schools program see our schools orienteering pages.  Local Scout groups also frequently participate in our Park and Street programs.
  • for the people with a disability -  Wheelchair bound people are also regular attendees at our Park and Street orienteering activities.  (The event calendar provides an indication of the suitability of each course for wheelchair attendees.)

Several permanent courses are available throughout Melbourne - see above.

Corporate Services

Orienteering provides an outdoor activity which promotes team work.  It achieves this by creating  a challenge that can be completed successfully if people work together to plan and execute the activity - providing a physical component that allows more capable members to support other members of their team.  People working together to gain the best result for their team!

What does it involve?

The activity combines navigational challenges with integrated tasks demanding group communication, co-operation and delegation of responsibilities.


We’ve been running courses in this field for over 10 years.  Our staff are qualified teachers and outdoor educators.  Our track record speaks for itself.  Comments from satisfied clients:

“The course was both fun and challenging and catered for a good cross section of people, taking into account different physical and mental abilities. I highly recommend the course as a team building activity”
David Pullen Operations Manager Nufarm Ltd

“Inspiring, challenging and confronting”
Stewart McRae
General Manager, Maffra Herd Improvement Co-operative

“Our group was set a challenge. We were initially uncertain but were able to achieve the goal and feel the satisfaction of success”
Anne Wilson, lecturer, Casey Institute of TAFE, Cranbourne.

How does it work? 

This activity works best with groups of 15 + up to about 60. Each group is divided into teams of 5.  The objective is to gain the maximum points through navigating to a series of checkpoints, in an allocated time period, usually 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

During the activity, at selected points, there is the opportunity to gain bonuses by carrying out a task.  The tasks are within the capabilities of all able bodied people.  

Also throughout the activity there are a number of top-up points which can be gained by completing tasks. The whole activity is usually planned for a 3 hour period (1/2 day).


The activity requires

careful planning

delegation of tasks

assessment of strengths and weaknesses

handling burdens

goal setting

and moderate physical exertion.


Working together to plan strategies


Challenge and Enjoyment 

The activity will be suitably challenging, enjoyable and stimulating.  It will be designed with the acknowledgment that a wide range of people will be taking part with differing levels of fitness and navigational expertise.


The most important aspect of the course is the in-depth debrief held after the activity.

The emphasis is on the process and then the outcome.

Team members are debriefed on such areas as how was the task carried out? how did the team feel after the half way points? tell us about delegating the tasks did you alter your plans? how did the team feel with the change of plan?


There is a  minimum fee* for the half day activity which is dependent on type of group, size of group, location and duration of the activity.

* contact Peta on 0428 358 588 for written quote

Where can we do this activity?

Orienteering relies on suitably mapped areas adjacent to or nearby to your Conference Centre. Areas popularly used include:

  • Parks Victoria Parklands
  • Brimbank Park - Keilor
  • Cardinia Reservoir Park - Narre Warren
  • Darebin Parklands - Alphington
  • Maroondah Reservoir Park – Healesville
  • Hanging Rock - Woodend

    Our program leaders

    All our staff are fully qualified teachers and outdoor educators with years of experience. 

    Orienteering for Youth Groups

    • Organised involvement through schools program
    • Involvement by scouts and guides:

      Personal experience

          Scout hike - difficulty navigating on roads. The training that scouts obtain through orienteering provides navigational skills, confidence

    • Facilities available to scout/guide leaders

      Involvement in existing series - great way of covering 1-2 evenings per year from your program. Availability of weekend events during winter.

      Organised/group training


    Orienteering for People with Disabilities

    Orienteering Victoria welcomes people with disabilities in Park and Street orienteering events.

    Each event has an accessibility rating a,b,c,d indicating the level of access for wheelchairs or terrain suitable for people with ambulant problems.  You can select the events most suited to your ability.

    Events are held during daylight saving ( Oct - March) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, starting at 7pm for one hour.

    Instructors will help with map interpretation i.e. map symbols, scale and using maps.

    It is suggested that you select the "PowerWalker" course (suitable even if you intend to just stroll).  This is the course where you have one hour to visit as many of the controls as you can (in any order you choose).

    Orienteering Victoria cannot provide 'carers', but we do acknowedge the Companion Card.

    For more advice call our office for a chat: 0428 358 588