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How do you get the equipment you may need for orienteering?  We have the answers here:

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The "O Shop"

The trailer/shop is often at bush orienteering events and can supply compasses, shoes and protective gear.

Orienteering Service of Australia 

OSoA (Orienteering Service of Australia) supplies orienteering gear, compasses and sells maps on behalf of the orienteering clubs.

phone number (03) 9714 8540, Fax (03) 9714 8303

Mobile 0419 577 514    Email:



SPORTident stick purchases


SPORTident Cards are the worldwide standard for most orienteering events that use electronic timing systems.

Known in Victoria as "SI sticks", orienteers have three basic choices for purchasing a stick for personal use:

  1. Order from the overseas manufacturer's reservation service.  Advantages include being able to select your own number and colour.  You may get lucky and obtain a stick cheaper this way but the disadvantages include paying for postage/insurance, the waiting delay and having to pay in Euro.
  2. Buy from the Australian distributor, aussieogear (see below).  Probably the cheapest way to get a stick but you may have to pay extra for postage/insurance.
  3. Pick up one from the Orienteering Victoria stock, currently managed by Ian Dodd.  Ian is at most bush events (or street events by pre-order) and usually has some sticks available.  Prices are "at cost" to OV members so they vary depending on the AUD/Euro exchange rate when stocks were obtained.  Email Ian or call Ian Dodd on 0419 316 843.

SPORTident electronics are made in Germany and warrantied.

Whichever method you use, make sure you see Ian Dodd to get your stick personalised and recorded in the OV-SI-Stick-database.  Any version 6 or later sticks can have the owners name written into the stick memory in case it is lost/found. The details can be rewritten to memory if you change your name.  See Ian if you have a version 6 or above and want to check or write your name into your stick.  Some splits printout formats will report the stick name.  Club should use "xxOC Hire" on club owned sticks.

New stick models currently available:

Version/model number [comments]
Speed (ms) [lower speeds are faster!]
Control memory (field controls)
Estimated retail prices from aussieogear
 8 [the basic model]
 115  30  $50 + postage
 9 [being phased out]
 115  50  $60 + postage
 10 [the new standard for keen orienteers]
 60  128  $70 + postage
 11 [it flashes after you punch]
 60  128  $75 + postage
 SIAC [contactless at selected events]
 $100 + postage

There are also ComCards which are a compass that has a version 8 or 10 stick built in (not sold by Ian Dodd):


Sticks currently in OV stock (prices include GST):

Version 8 - OV price $50

Version 9 - OV price was $77 NOW only $60 (OR MAKE ME AN OFFER for bulk purchase!  Restock your club supplies of hire sticks?)

Version 10 - OV price $70

Version 11 - OV price $75

SIAC - OV price $100

Members with an older SI stick that still works, often ask what they should do with them.  Here are a few ideas for recycling an old (usually "red" model 5) stick:

  • Sell it on ebay (you probably won't get much for it)
  • Keep it in the glovebox as a spare
  • Give it to the kids
  • Give it to a friend/new club-member/novice
  • Donate it to your club or OV for use as a spare hire stick
  • Use it for MTBO


Colin Price (NSW orienteer) has a wide range of personal and club equipment, clothes, spectacles and SI gear available through his online shop.

Compass Point

Compass Point is an orienteering dealer based in the UK.  Their products vary from top of the range O gear to beginner’s compasses.  O gear at a very reasonable prices.

General Outdoor Equipment

The Wilderness Shop in Box Hill ( has a large range of gear.  They offer a 10% discount to OV members and have regular special buying nights (check the O-Bulletin periodically for details).  

 OCAD mapping software

This popular computer program for producing orienteering and other maps is available in Australia and New Zealand from  The site also has lots of useful tips for keen mappers.

Virtual Orienteering

For something a little different - the North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club in the UK is offering an orienteering board game "Forest Challenge", with all proceeds donated to the Woodland Trust, a charity which protects native woodland in the UK.  The price is just AUD$23 including postage.  Click here for information and ordering details: Forest Challenge Game

Second Hand Market (OV Members)

Got some old orienteering or outdoor gear for sale?

Contact us and get your ad here!  100% success rate (so far!)