TOOLKIT for Event Organisers

This page describes the processes to be followed when organising orienteering events. Where appropriate, forms, templates and worked examples that might be helpful are also provided.

Orienteering Victoria Administration Policies and Guidelines can be found on the Policies page.

Organiser's Guidelines

Organising an EventSTART HERE - comprehensive guide to organising State Series or other events that use electronic timing

Naming Standards for Classes and Courses (State Series, MTB State Series, Mel/VicBushO, Sprint Into Spring)

Insurance Certificates for Public Liability - current year (2017) Certificates of Currency:

Short version, suitable in most cases:  OA Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency 2017

Full version, only required if landowner requests Interested Parties. To add a landowner to the Interested Parties list, contact the Orienteering Australia office: OA Public Liability Insurance Interested Parties 2017

Organising Park and Street events (in the Park and Street Section of this website)  

MTBO resources

Event Rules and Guidelines


State Series Course Table   (9 courses)

State Series Course Table Proforma for event info sheet  (word - event organisers should complete and use in their Event Information sheets)

State Series and Relays event rules

Championship Rules - Long Distance Rules  Middle Distance Rules  Sprint Distance Rules   

String Course Guidelines 


These guidelines cover the following: using condes to create course variations; setting up relay entries in Eventor; creating the relay event file in OS2010; team and map numbering; uploading results/Eventor Manager

Software Setup for Club Relays

Software Setup Schools Champs Relays

Software Setup AusChamps Relays


Mel/VicBushO Organisers Guidelines 2017   Revised January 2017

Coursesetting tips for Mel/VicBushO

Coaching tips for Mel/VicBushO

Mel/VicBushO payment form (template for registration)

Mel/VicBushO compass loan form (template for registration)


Urban Sprint Event Safety Plan

Specific Event Safety Plan Template (doc)

Fill in the specific event safety plan. Attach these two documents to permit requests, and have copies at your event.

Sprint Into Spring Fair Play Rules and Scoring

Sprints: Legend of forbidden-to-cross features

Good principles for Sprint Distance orienteering course setting are documented in the following Powerpoint files:

IOF, Good Sprint Courses, David May presentation

Another IOF presentation from 2012 on Sprint orienteering coursesetting

The Orienteering Australia Competition Rules govern foot orienteering events in Australia. The rules of each state body comply with the policy and guidelines established by Orienteering Australia.

For more information refer to the Orienteering Australia website (under Technical)  

Health and Safety

Safety Water Fire Danger Signage  - drinking water on courses, fire danger, event signage, emergency contact, incident reporting

The Emergency Procedures for Bush Events should be given to Parks Victoria or other organisations that require a safety plan.  Each event organiser should have a printed copy at their event

The Event Safety Plan form is a one-page, event-specific form that you can download, fill in electronically, and send, with the Emergency Procedures attached

Here is a sample form to show you how to fill it in

First Aid - the large OV First Aid kit, including the defibrillator, is currently maintained by and transported to State Series (foot only) events by Peter Yeates.  Event organisers need to ensure they have a designated First Aider present, and arrange a parking space close to the Finish for the Yeates van.

For other events (eg MTB, MelbushO), if you want the large kit and defib at your event, please make arrangements with Peter to collect, transport and return it.

Incident Report Form to be completed and forwarded to Orienteering Victoria asap in the event of a safety incident.

Bush events will not be run if there is a total fire ban in the area or a Code Red has been declared.

Check which district the event will be run in, and whether there are fire restrictions - see the CFA website

Download the revised map of TFB districts - pdf 494k

 Event Preparation

Permits - apply at least 6 weeks prior to the event.  Contact Mary Camilleri, Forest Planner, DWELP, tel 5430 4676, to confirm who the correct landholder/s are.

Parks Victoria has a new permit system called Statewide Events.  The Bush Committee coordinates permits for events held at Parks Vic venues.

Sample Information Flyer  For Eventor, websites, O-News bulletin etc, and on the day.

Guidelines for Entry Fees

Course setting and controlling guidelines  

Event controller report (download and complete)

DWELP forest fire management planned burns website interactive map

Electronic Timing Systems

Most non-urban events use some form of electronic timing, typically employing Sportident ("SI") hardware.

Sportident and software 

SportIdent Overview page

SI Equipment Bookings page  including details of where the OV SI equipment is currently located, and a list of OV SI hire stick numbers.

Before you can use the SI gear on-the-day ensure you:

  • charge the battery (overnight)
  • check everything you expect is actually in the trailer
  • check you have A4 paper for the results printer
  • check the results printer has ink in it
  • check you have enough paper rolls for the splits printers
  • note that the beeping clocks are not kept with the SI gear (contact Ian Dodd to find out how to get one of them)

Link to old SportIdent information  [The information on this page is out of date and caution should be exercised when using it]

On The Day - Registration

SIME/simple event (only) basic registration sheet (Excel)

Enter on Day Registration forms  For events that use Sportident but not OLynx Touch registration.

Changes forms  For events that use Sportident. Use these to record any changes to competitor information, for updating the event file.

Start Ticket  Download and customise according to your event start window.  Copy and print enough for each starter. No ticket, no start.

Start Times Sign up.xls  Download, customise and print, for use as a Registration start times signup sheet, including car rego and phone number, if required.

Event organisers should request a copy of the current OV Member list to have at Registration.  This can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.  Remember that newcomers are charged the discount full-member rate at their first bush event (i.e. they get the full-member discount the first time they compete in a bush event).

Refer to Membership page for more information.

After the Event

After-event checklist and results

Eventor payments and club returns

Fees and levies 2017 (pdf) 

Levy Form 2017 (Word - can be downloaded and sent to OV Treasurer)  

Mapping and Fixturing



Map Printing Resources   Ocad website